A 12-Month Journey

“Soul of Leadership has incredibly impacted and supported me since I joined the program six months ago. During the Trust chapter I recalled the exact moments when I was thinking of joining this amazing program and it was a time that required trust in you and in myself. I held many questions and doubts and was able to sort them through Nisha and team, and am very grateful for this. I felt very much cared for and received support from the very first moment. I now know that I was building trust along the way together with you. I now know this is the essence of sisterhood, and it’s all very new and exciting and scary at the same time, and I am glad to be here.”
Nadia Maria Nacca
“Nisha embodies the evolution of leadership in this moment in history. The move away from fear-based leadership that craves power to love based leadership that *empowers*… YEARS after first finding her and hiring her as my coach, she is still my go-to resource for my toughest and truest leadership questions. She is intensely devoted to – and gifted at – embodying and living her message in every aspect of her life. Her business is not just a polished “brand”; she inhabits it, and her leadership is lasting because of the standard of self-awareness she holds. She is relentlessly willing to see and love herself fully (light and shadow) and she is the one I look to when I want to remember to do the same… I would like to live in a world where every leader is taught under her wing.”
Ginny Muir | Body & Soul Guide
“Community. Leadership. Presence. I haven’t found a place where I felt quite at home as I do in this material. I’m very excited to see this course, the principles, and the relationships I’ve made continue to have a deep impact on my life and leadership.

This course helped me focus on re-designing my life based on sovereignty. What a beautiful gift it’s turning out to be, and oh the power I had given away that I didn’t even know I had.

To feel that power and to feel my body being strong, it’s just unimaginable. I didn’t know life could feel like this – with “my” direction and “my” turn and “my” future and the things that are important to me. With every piece of my power that gets reclaimed, I just find myself sobbing… in the best, most cleansing way.”

Victoria M. | Creative Director

“I’ve been blown away by what you’ve created in Soul of Leadership. I’ve been so enjoying the content and conversation in SOL, incredibly vulnerable, real, and deeply expansive.

Between my studies as a therapist and now coaching I just had to pause and share this moment of reflection for how much has been evoked within me.

Outside of books, it’s been a while since I’ve experienced a conversation that opened my mind in such a way.”
Bailey Frumen | Author, Coach, Therapist

“Diving into SOL was like diving into the depths of my actual soul. It created the framework for me to slowly and gracefully dig into my deepest parts. It was like an excavation ritual that just deepened throughout the journey and will continue through my life honestly. I discovered perspectives about leadership that felt so enlivening.

This program has taken me from “imposter syndrome” in cultivating my sacred work to genuinely entering into a state of leadership that’s feels inspired and totally rooted.

Also, Nisha is just a magnificent human, she has a way of making you feel like she is right with you holding your hand in this safe space. Her ability to hold space and offer guidance/reflections are a testament to the years of incredible experience she has.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also talk to the tender, loving hands of Dawna (the SOL community maven). I felt her presence every step of the way throughout the FB community and on the back end (tech support etc) on all levels you are just so fully honored. Deepest gratitude to you both.”

Jillian G | Evolution Coach

“I was loving, grieving, exploring, OMGing, crying, oh-yessing through this course. My arse has been kicked, my heart has been cracked open… It has been a terrifying, glorious, scary, magnificent journey so far. I’ve dived in deep and let myself be seen. Realized I have a deep need to be recognized and deep shame about being me. It’s helped me to unpick this ‘push-me-pull-me’ feeling I haven’t ever been able to put my finger on. So, I want to say thank you Nisha for such a powerful teaching!”

Debbie YD. | Artist

“Nisha embodies a powerful overlap of vulnerable authenticity with deeply empowered living and leading. She is simultaneously the wise elder connected to universal consciousness and the student with a beginners mind, always open to learning, growth, and expansion. In Nisha’s presence and space holding, breakthroughs are inevitable and life transformational. She has helped me have clarity around my gifts, humility about my process, and confidence in my organic leadership skills.”
Cora Poage | Spiritual Guide
“This program felt to me like a big hug to myself, to my projects, to my dreams and desires. Nisha’s sensitivity, tone of voice and wisdom guide me to the specific qualities I needed to have a look in my own leadership, and the opportunity to do so, allowed me to create beautiful resources for my clients, that were created from a very conscious and sacred place within me.”
Maru G. | Leadership Coach and Trainer
“Nisha’s Soul of Leadership program is a succinct and soulful approach to understanding and cultivating leadership within you. Not only will you be able to go deeper with each of the qualities of leadership, you might find yourself coming to a completely new and liberated understanding of them!”
Justine P. | Soulful Systems Designer
“If you are at all thinking of joining this Soul of Leadership program, do it!! Nisha has created such thoughtful, engaging, inspiring program to help us connect with who we truly are. This program has turned many preconceived concepts and limited ways of thinking on their heads and opened us up to so many new possibilities.”

Sue V. | Love Coach

“Coming full circle with you through this course has been such a gift. when we first met, I felt broken and lost, and as I embarked on the journey of finding myself, listening to my soul, and finding my life’s purpose, this course was exactly what i needed in order to fine tune my skills, and feel confident to bring my work into the world!”

Lauren C.
Emerging Wellness

“Nisha encourages you to be your authentic self and listen to your intuition…. I have been able to verbalize my mission and become a leader in my global community. I understand the true meaning of sisterhood…”
Sora Surya No | Women’s Circle Leader + Business Coach
“Nisha is so generous with her wisdom and time. She truly embodies all the elements of the Soul of Leadership. She is such an incredible teacher and guide and it is always such a pleasure learning from her and benefitting from her wisdom. I absolutely love and adore her!”
Liz D.
“She’s mastered the art of knowing how to inspire and transform, while delivering grounded, practical wisdom.”
Joshua Rosenthal | Founder, Integrative Nutrition
“Nisha has created a beautiful model for leadership that I love and highly recommend you experience if you truly want to be the change.”
Majo Molfino | Women’s Leadership Coach
“This program offers a space to make progress with feminism and be responsible for the gifts of empathy.”
Camille Lindsay
“Thank you seeing women leaders as the whole beings they are. Thank you for creating a program that nourishes the most important part of a leader – her Soul.”

Vana F. | Mindful Maker

“I feel that if you are wanting to step into leadership, this is an amazing course to take to further step into your power.”

Elizabeth R.
Elizabeth Rodriguez Wellness

“I’m so appreciative for the recorded breathwork sessions. It took me some time to give it a try and to start using the recordings, but now I’m using them more than once a month and finding them to be such a support in moving through anything that feels stuck, resistant and stagnant. Thanks Nisha :-)”
Janelle Hardy | transformational memoir-writing guide
“Totally inspired by Nisha’s full presence and attunement during our monthly calls – I found this part of Soul of Leadership the most impressive!”

Kelly J.

“I did the breathwork practice and loved it so much. It was both clearing and nurturing. I had a major breakthrough this morning during meditation and it was so beautiful to see the healing and clearing continue throughout the breathwork practice. I felt a gentle release- letting go of feeling unappreciated and practicing deep appreciation for the woman that inhabits this body. I feel so much more room for expansion and for higher frequencies of love and appreciation.”
​Eva Cruz- Pena | Healer, Speaker and Transformational Coach
“This is one of my most treasured “tools”- thank you for sharing this powerful work. Meeting and connecting with the soul of my business has become an essential ritual in my work. She provides the much needed support and direction through the unknown.”
Lisa Malia Norman
“I so love that we get to practice previous chapters in the exploration of newer chapters.”
Bettina Schelkle
“I’ve spent the last 6 months exploring what it means to step into my Leadership with Nisha. The nuances, the characteristics, the passionate desire to lead with curiosity and inclusivity.
The chapter on Trust was such an eye-opener for me! What a realization that most of the challenges associated with trust had been running as an undercurrent, beneath most of what I do! And this is so important to recognize, as someone who tends to take pretty bold actions in life, with this idea that things will just naturally work out…

I’m already appreciating the shifts that are occurring, as I connect with the energy of trust in my body, daily. And how the actions I choose are having an impact, from a deep grounded place of truth in this trust. Loving this, thank you ❤”
​Xine La Fontaine | Conscious Sexuality & Empowerment Coach