Cultivate Real,

Rooted, Relational,

Resilient Leadership

This course is for women (including trans women, because…women).
All sexual orientations are welcomed.

Rising in our leadership can be
both a calling and a challenge.

More and more, we are being called into leadership through creating our bodies of work, rising in organizations, making our art, standing in our activism, and leading with love in our parenting and relationships.

Our souls feel called to hold these roles
Yet our cultures & conditioning can
keep us feeling trapped in old modes…

  • Internal “glass ceilings” that prevent us from having it too good in life & work
  • Resistance and confusion around how to stand in our power
  • Overwhelmed, stressed, and lacking in trust in ourselves and life
  • Fear of being judged, attacked, or “cancelled”
  • Weary or worn-down from the challenges of leading
  • Issues of comparison, competition, jealousy, and judgment with other women
  • Difficulty knowing and asking for what we want and need
  • Frustration or confusion with how to create healthy boundaries
  • Doubt that we are good enough, worthy enough, capable enough
  • Unclear on our gifts
  • Challenged to be decisive and clear, but also open and receptive
  • Pressure to be someone or something we’re not, in order to earn respect
  • Conflicted about being visible – feeling unsafe to show up, shine, and be seen
  • Hard on ourselves for not being more “feminine”, “driven”, “focused” or “further ahead”

And yet, we feel called to rise.

In our deepest hearts, we have no other choice.

So, we invest to learn the skills…

Perhaps you’ve invested in books or
trainings to improve your leadership skills
Learning how to be more powerful on stage, better at sales, more effective at managing others, a better writer and communicator, a savvier negotiator, better at time management, or better at marketing.
All of these skills, when taught well, can be valuable.
You may even have invested in things that you felt
would help you look and feel more like a leader
Fancy photoshoots, business cards, a slick website, weight-loss, personal styling, cohesive branding, etc.
Some of these things, when coming from a healthy place, are valuable.
You may have invested in your spiritual growth and
development, as a way to find clarity and momentum.

But what if you could change your relationship to leadership and to yourself, forever, so you were naturally more able to stand in your leadership in every situation – personal and professional?

As so many women have, I, too, have made many of these investments (seriously, MANY). I’ve hired wonderful people who’ve done and learned the things I’ve wanted to do. I’ve paid for websites and photos and education. On many occasions these investments have been extremely valuable.

But there have also been occasions where all the knowledge, beautiful branding, and social media savvy in the world weren’t going to resolve my challenges.

In those times, the issue wasn’t a lack of education or strategy, but a lack of self-trust and trust in life, and persistent overwhelm, fear, tension, distraction, stress, and disconnection from myself and my path.

In my 15 years of coaching ambitious women, I have seen that when we cultivate a nourishing + generative relationship with ourselves and our unique leadership, we rise…

and we do it in a way that honors our needs, our deepest desires, our relationships, our soul’s path, and the issues at work, at home, and in the world, that truly matter to us.

This is what the Soul of Leadership is all about:

1. The Soul of Leadership is connected, relational, inclusive, collaborative, holistic, and non-hierarchical. In this paradigm of true leadership, we are all leaders. No one is more valuable or “above” anyone else, and everyone brings their innate gifts and brilliance as a valuable contribution to the whole.
2. The Soul of Leadership is regenerative. It exists to elevate not just our individual freedom and wellbeing, but our collective freedom and wellbeing.
3. The Soul of Leadership invites us to embrace and embody the soul qualities of leadership, so we are able to engage in all the activities of leadership – parenting, managing, speaking, writing, space-holding, relating, negotiation, etc – with greater courage, depth, trust, and flow.
4. Soulful leadership nourishes and is nourished by community. Gathering in community is at the heart of it. It’s in the space of honoring, generous, curious relating that we can share our deepest vulnerabilities and desires, so we can each rise to our fullest potential and live, love, and lead with our whole hearts.

5. To come into right-relationship with the Soul of Leadership, we must do the deep work to identify and dismantle our internalizations of society’s unhealthy relationships with leadership, power, women, and the mythic “other”, and the ways we’ve been operating from that place. From there, we can develop a direct relationship with the soul qualities of leadership, and practice living them in our lives in ways that are true to our souls.

6. We deepen in our embodiment of the soul qualities of leadership through gathering in community, open inquiry, ritual, and aligned action.

We are all leaders, in our own unique ways.
Our time is now.
Let’s rise together.

“If anyone is deciding – I have gone through this program a few times since I first signed up and I will revisit it this year. Each time I learn something more. I have an MA in leadership and I know a thing or two about leading. It is a good investment of your resources.”
Sandy Reynolds | MA in Leadership, Conscious Eldering Coach
“In 2013, I was feeling very depleted, exhausted, and disconnected from any joy. I was always stressed out, overwhelmed, angry, bitter, flying off the handle. I embarked on a deep spiritual journey, deep into meditation, coaching, and personal development. Through that journey, I found Nisha.

When Soul of Leadership came out, I signed up right away. I am so loving it. The coursework and group calls create such a loving space that feels as if I can ask anything, and it allows me to dig much deeper than I have ever been challenged to. It’s been so different that I don’t even know what comes close. I have done SO much since 2013, and I came to this work, and I feel like this is what I’ve been looking for. Soul of Leadership is deep, and it’s helped me realize that the answers are not outward – they are all within.”

Ritu Aneja | Professor & Breast Cancer Researcher, Founder of a Global Consortium

“Soul of Leadership has incredibly impacted and supported me since I joined the program six months ago. During the Trust chapter I recalled the exact moments when I was thinking of joining this amazing program and it was a time that required trust in you and in myself. I held many questions and doubts and was able to sort them through Nisha and team, and am very grateful for this. I felt very much cared for and received support from the very first moment. I now know that I was building trust along the way together with you. I now know this is the essence of sisterhood, and it’s all very new and exciting and scary at the same time, and I am glad to be here.”

Nadia Maria Nacca

“Community. Leadership. Presence. I haven’t found a place where I felt quite at home as I do in this material. I’m very excited to see this course, the principles, and the relationships I’ve made continue to have a deep impact on my life and leadership.

This course helped me focus on re-designing my life based on sovereignty. What a beautiful gift it’s turning out to be, and oh the power I had given away that I didn’t even know I had.

To feel that power and to feel my body being strong, it’s just unimaginable. I didn’t know life could feel like this – with “my” direction and “my” turn and “my” future and the things that are important to me. With every piece of my power that gets reclaimed, I just find myself sobbing… in the best, most cleansing way.”

Victoria M. | Creative Director

“Nisha has created a beautiful model for leadership that I love and highly recommend you experience if you truly want to be the change.”

Majo Molfino | Women’s Leadership Coach

“Nisha embodies the evolution of leadership in this moment in history. The move away from fear-based leadership that craves power to love based leadership that *empowers*… YEARS after first finding her and hiring her as my coach, she is still my go-to resource for my toughest and truest leadership questions. She is intensely devoted to – and gifted at – embodying and living her message in every aspect of her life. Her business is not just a polished “brand”; she inhabits it, and her leadership is lasting because of the standard of self-awareness she holds. She is relentlessly willing to see and love herself fully (light and shadow) and she is the one I look to when I want to remember to do the same… I would like to live in a world where every leader is taught under her wing.”

Ginny Muir | Body & Soul Guide

“I’ve been blown away by what you’ve created in Soul of Leadership. I’ve been so enjoying the content and conversation in SOL, incredibly vulnerable, real, and deeply expansive.

Between my studies as a therapist and now coaching I just had to pause and share this moment of reflection for how much has been evoked within me.

Outside of books, it’s been a while since I’ve experienced a conversation that opened my mind in such a way.”

Bailey Frumen | Author, Coach, Therapist



This course doesn’t tell you what to do.
Instead, you will be guided in embodying and elevating your own unique expression of leadership, so you can lead with courage, depth and wisdom in all that you do.

In Soul of Leadership, we explore one leadership quality each month, as a living meditation…

We look deeply at what’s kept us from fully embracing each quality…

the personal, familial, ancestral and cultural wounds that have us contracting in overwhelm, comparison, fear, scarcity, lack of clarity, resistance, or stress.

We embark on deep, guided journeys within…

using guided meditations, ritual, breathwork, embodiment practices, writing prompts, poetry, music, and other supportive elements, to receive a direct transmission of each quality. This connects us on the deepest level, to discover how each quality wants to be woven through our life and work.

Finally, we take aligned action in the world…

with the support of coaching, intimate councils, leadership lessons, and supportive community – to anchor these qualities of leadership into our lives + work.

The journey is lush, supportive, and deep.
We’ll move at a spacious yet steady pace.



LIVE monthly 3-hour gatherings as a community on Zoom. With the power of the New Moon, we will expand into deep embodiment, prayer, and practice around our theme of the month. Together, we will dive into deep listening, making offerings, guided meditations, ritual, channeled ancestral guidance, nervous system expanding movement, and more. 

2 calls/month

LIVE group coaching with Nisha, to clarify your path + evolve your leadership


Guided, themed breathwork, to release stuck emotion + bring insight and clarity


Words from the wise – people who embody the quality we’re exploring each month

Monthly exploration

A deep dive into the theme of the month, complete with audio + playsheet

Monthly trainings

Classes that offer soulful approaches to meaningful leadership challenges

Small group circles

Optional affinity-based small circles, to find your kin + supporters of your growth

Gather + connect

A private Facebook group to share wins, challenges, questions, and heart-shares


Receive 2 additional workshops:
Ritual Self Care
Time Mastery


Commune with the Soul of Your Work, your Wise Elder Self, and more!

Monthly themes

My favorite jams, aligned with the quality of the month, all for you



  • Explore journaling prompts & guided meditations to connect with the soul of leadership, powerfully opening the way to transform your relationship with leadership, and yourself as a leader.
  • Begin to evaluate and unhook from the patterns and beliefs that have had you hiding, hardening, or feeling helpless and hopeless in your life and work.
  • Connect with the soul of your business or project, to explore what wants to be developed at this time.
  • Our Ritual Self-Care & Time Mastery classes will set you up for planning an incredible year ahead – one that is truly aligned with your true calling, your wellbeing, your values, and your desires.
  • Deep dive into embodiment practices.

Nadia Munla: Embody Leadership movement journey
Hiro Boga: Guided Meditation to connect with the Soul of Leadership


  • Find your place in the dance between doing what you say you’ll do, and honoring your inner wisdom and the truth of the moment.
  • Be true to all that matters to you – in your heart and through your actions – without obscuring elements of yourself or your emotions, without letting your emotions take you down, and without overextending yourself and burning out.
  • Clean up the messes in your life (unmet promises to yourself and others), and set yourself on an aligned path.
  • Start making agreements that you can keep, while remaining committed to growth and excellence.
  • Begin releasing the grip of impossible standards of perfection.
  • Reshape your relationship with your integrity to be healthy, whole, and true.

GUEST GUIDE: Toi Marie Smith

LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to Navigate a Change in Agreements, With Integrity


  • Stand in your full power and truth, while honoring others’ sovereignty.
  • Explore the role of healthy boundaries that allow for love, growth, and connection.
  • Recognize and reclaim the aspects of yourself that you’ve judged, feared, rejected, and disowned.
  • Navigate the dance of self-reliance and self-responsibility, while still receiving support and collaboration.
  • Shift patterns of over-giving, being in scarcity and self-protection, or giving your power over to others.
  • Reshape your relationship with power to be healthy, whole, and true.


LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to Create Healthy Boundaries (with our time, others, food, etc) That Allow for Intimacy and Connection


  • Relax the need to know and the fear that drives our relentless quest for certainty.
  • Deepen and improve your personal and professional relationships by seeing others through fresh eyes.
  • Reclaim your childlike play and innocence, to invite more joy into your life.
  • Open up to new possibilities in business and life.
  • Reduce overwhelm around your personal and professional goals.
  • Reshape your relationship with openness to be healthy, whole, and true.

GUEST GUIDE: Kavita Jhaveri Patel

LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to Stop Overwhelm in its Tracks, and Feel More Playful and Engaged


  • Explore the tightly-held identities that are creating stress and pressure in your life, so you can be who you really are.
  • Soften your grip on the beliefs and stories that create tension and disconnection.
  • Find new freedom to change your mind and change your plans.
  • Release bitterness over what is or what has been, so you can move forward with peace and perspective.
  • Find more flow with your work.
  • Reshape your relationship with your perspectives to be healthy, whole, and true​.

GUEST GUIDE: Javier Regueiro

LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to know if it’s time to let go of your plans and make space for new clarity & flow


  • Handle conflict with grace and care, by feeling beneath the words others are saying to notice what’s left unsaid, allowing you to take conversation and connection deeper.
  • Relax the need to be right so you can be free.
  • Forge a deep connection to your own feelings and intuition, so you can feel your truth and find your path.
  • Feel agile and adaptable in your leadership – in business, relationships, and parenting – by meeting each moment and noticing what’s needed.
  • Stop “spinning” on decisions and find clarity in each moment.
  • Reshape your relationship with your wisdom to be healthy, whole, and true.​

GUEST GUIDE: Annie Lalla

LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to navigate conflict without domination or control


  • Soften the edges of suspicion and mistrust so you can meet others with openness and trust.
  • Feel less worry and anxiety about money, projects, and people.
  • Allow others in your world to rise in their leadership, by giving them the space to lead, trusting them to do their best, and holding a vision for their excellence.
  • Feel partnered with life, so you can relax into knowing that you are held in the greater unfolding of life, allowing you to make aligned choices with less worry.
  • Begin healing past pain from being taken advantage of or mistreated, so you can be free to have intimacy in your business and personal relationships.
  • Reshape your relationship with life, yourself, and others to be healthy, whole, and true.

GUEST GUIDE: Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza

LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to cultivate deeper trust in the body through food


  • Find your resilience in challenging times, by taking the right lessons from each experience, and moving forward with a clear and open heart.
  • Find your willingness to trust your calling and leap into the unknown, even though it’s…unknown 🙂
  • Learn how to work with the fears that come up around failure, being judged or criticized harshly, disappointing others or yourself, or doing it wrong.
  • Free your voice to speak your truth.
  • Begin healing past pain from “failures” so you can rise again and stay in the game.
  • Reshape your relationship with success to be healthy, whole, and true.

GUEST GUIDE: Sarah Durham Wilson

LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to Have Courageous Conversations


  • Discover an energy of commitment and responsibility that feels expansive (not constricting) and enlivening (not overwhelming).
  • Develop or deepen daily self-care practices that allow you to thrive and flourish.
  • Weave a quality of reverence through everything you do, creating quality work, and bringing a sense of fulfillment to your life.
  • Find the balance of nurturing people and projects, while nurturing yourself.
  • Release attachments to the people and projects that you’re hanging onto tightly, so you can align with your deeper calling.
  • Reshape your relationship with commitment and responsibility to be healthy, whole, and true.


LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to Plan Projects Woven With Devotion

September: FOCUS

  • Clear away the distractions that have you feeling unproductive and unfocused.
  • Learn how to sharpen your focus instantly when your mind, energy, and attention are wandering.
  • Follow-through with your commitments, while being flexible to attend to what’s most needed.
  • Move past “shiny object syndrome” to bring your vision into focus and hone-in on what’s needed.
  • Learn how to stop self-doubt and confusion in its tracks, so you can continue to create, while still remaining open to emerging insights and necessary adjustments.
  • Reshape your relationship with productivity to be healthy, whole, and true.

GUEST GUIDE: James-Olivia Chu Hillman

LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to Structure your Schedule For Focus & Flow


  • Put your unique imprint on everything you create in a way that feels artful, exciting, and truly “you”.
  • Move past black & white thinking and the frustration of not having things happen when and how you want them to, discovering new solutions and ideas that are even more aligned.
  • Learn how to create space for your creativity to flow, so you’re more engaged, effective, and powerful in your work.
  • Become a better problem-solver.
  • Learn how to overcome “creative blocks”.
  • Reshape your relationship with your creativity to be healthy, whole, and true.


LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to overcome creative blocks


  • Develop your ability to receive feedback (even criticism), without being defensive and shutting down, and without taking on shame.
  • Learn how to receive praise without deflection or discomfort, working through issues of inadequacy or guilt.
  • Develop your empathy, and your ability to see things from another’s perspective, making you a better leader.
  • Become a better collaborator, weaving together people’s ideas and insights for better outcomes.
  • Open your energy to receive more goodness in your life.
  • Reshape your relationship with your receiving and sensitivity to be healthy, whole, and true.

GUEST GUIDE: Elayne Kalila Doughty

LEADERSHIP LESSON: How toNavigate Receiving Feedback & Criticism


  • Learn how to feel safe to shine, be seen, be heard, and take up space (while encouraging others to do the same).
  • Work through feelings of being “better than” or “less than”, or more or less deserving.
  • Embrace joy and allow it to expand and radiate through your being.
  • Expand your sense of aliveness without losing touch with the pain in the world or in your own heart.
  • Inspire and motivate others without having to use shame or fear tactics, or change something about yourself to be more attractive, lovable, compelling, or appear to have more authority.
  • Reshape your relationship with your radiance to be healthy, whole, and true.

GUEST GUIDE: Layla Martin

LEADERSHIP LESSON: How to Stop Comparison Spirals & Cultivate Confidence in Who You Are

“To say that SOL has been one of the major catalysts of my life would be an understatement. The amount of safety and genuine connection I’ve experienced by being part of this community has been world changing. Being part of a SOL Soul Council for a year has been so important in forming inner safety and allowing myself to be seen in my vulnerability. I didn’t know such safety could be created with other human beings. It has rewired my nervous system completely, to be received and heard without any reframes or advice and in trust completely of my sovereignty.

The kindness and love on the coaching calls with Nisha was unlike anything I’d received in previous interactions with coaches. The permission to “come as you are” and the many instances I was able to fall apart on the phone only to be received with so much kindness have been so healing.

And the lesson plans in SOL and the breathwork sessions that were pre recorded but where I could feel Nisha and our sisters presence. I could speak about SOL and being in this community forever because they have been monumentally important for my life. In deepest gratitude to Nisha for the magic she has created and in helping me feel held, strong and sovereign. I couldn’t recommend more highly working with Nisha in any of her programs. She is the embodiment of integrity and someone I deeply respect. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Melissa Quintero | Entrepreneur

“Diving into SOL was like diving into the depths of my actual soul. It created the framework for me to slowly and gracefully dig into my deepest parts. It was like an excavation ritual that just deepened throughout the journey and will continue through my life honestly. I discovered perspectives about leadership that felt so enlivening.

This program has taken me from “imposter syndrome” in cultivating my sacred work to genuinely entering into a state of leadership that’s feels inspired and totally rooted.

Also, Nisha is just a magnificent human, she has a way of making you feel like she is right with you holding your hand in this safe space. Her ability to hold space and offer guidance/reflections are a testament to the years of incredible experience she has.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also talk to the tender, loving hands of Dawna (the SOL community maven). I felt her presence every step of the way throughout the FB community and on the back end (tech support etc) on all levels you are just so fully honored. Deepest gratitude to you both.”
Jillian G. | Evolution Coach

“I was loving, grieving, exploring, OMGing, crying, oh-yessing through this course. My arse has been kicked, my heart has been cracked open… It has been a terrifying, glorious, scary, magnificent journey so far. I’ve dived in deep and let myself be seen. Realized I have a deep need to be recognized and deep shame about being me. It’s helped me to unpick this ‘push-me-pull-me’ feeling I haven’t ever been able to put my finger on. So, I want to say thank you Nisha for such a powerful teaching!”
Debbie YD | Artist

Is Soul of Leadership right for you?

  • You feel called to rise in your leadership, regardless of whether it’s through building or growing an existing business, growing within a company, igniting your activism, or leading in your relationships from a place of wholeness.
  • You really dig the idea of being part of a thoughtful & supportive community of devoted women on a mission.
  • You’re up for moving through any of your own comparison, jealousy, or judgment, so we can all soar (we will explore these themes together!)
  • The idea of exploring your inner realms – even the challenging parts – is interesting to you (maybe even exciting!)
  • You’re willing to move beyond old patterns of overwhelm and overdrive, to explore embracing your true pace.
  • You want to do your part to have our world be a healthier, more loving place for all.
  • You’re willing to let go of the notion that the only way to be a better leader is to learn more stuff.
  • You’ve been craving a deeper relationship with yourself as a being and a leader, and with life as a whole.
  • You’re willing to step into this course as a living meditation, creating some space to deepen into the writing and rituals.
  • You welcome diversity, stand for equity, and care about kindness.

Here’s a Recap of What’s Included

  • Monthly Themed Explorations – audio recordings and playsheets
  • LIVE Monthly New Moon Ceremonial Gatherings with Nisha, Gogo & Elisha
  • LIVE Group Coaching With Nisha, twice monthly {Wednesdays, 9am + 4pm PT}
  • Monthly Leadership Lesson
  • Monthly Full Moon Breathwork Practice
  • Monthly Guest Interviews
  • Private Monthly Soul Councils (optional) – small group circles
  • A private Facebook group filled with women who care
  • Bonus Guided Meditations
  • Bonus Workshops: Time Mastery + Ritual Self-Care
  • Playlists
“I signed up for SOL looking for a wholistic and high caliber support system for next-level embodied leadership. Nisha provides a grounded, loving, compassionate and permissive space for authentic expression which allowed my deeper truths to consistently emerge. I found the monthly lessons to be extraordinarily uplifting, thought provoking and resourceful. I’m incredibly thankful to have made this investment in myself and recommend this to any woman looking to rise in her highest potential.”

Aine Kimsey | Breathwork Facilitator & Couples Coach

“I joined SOL so I could dive deeper into what my Soul’s Leadership really looks like. Since joining I had so many amazing insights and saw a deep shift in my own sense of self worthiness. I also feel more inspired to create and lead my programs in a way that really honors my soul’s calling. I don’t take this lightly and I’m really grateful for this journey.

Nisha is such an insightful and sensible coach. Her lessons are delivered with love, wisdom and invite deep dives into our inner worlds. The program is beautiful and really does bring up the desires of the soul. I really recommend it to people who are willing to allow more of their inner truth to blossom in their leadership.”

Marina Nabão | Holistic Sexuality Teacher & Coach

“Soul of Leadership has been the greatest gift this year. During a time of huge uncertainty in life and in my business, it gave me the space to explore and heal at my own pace. One of the most impactful things that hit me right from the beginning is how Nisha always says, “embrace your pace.” THAT for me, was revolutionary. No other program that I’ve taken has given me such a warm invitation to slow down. They would either embrace my rushed productivity-seeking behaviors and encourage them, or not address them at all. Having a whole month to explore each quality and do as much or as little as you want/can has given me a space to start healing.

Since starting Soul of Leadership, Nisha’s focus on devotion has helped me launch a new program in my business in a grounded way that feels good for where I am in my life and my healing journey – instead of trying to ‘do it right’ or have it look the way it ‘should’. Thanks to the focus on nurturing and tending to the nervous system in SOL, I’ve opened myself up to beginning somatic therapy to go deeper on some of the things that came up for me this year, which is a big step and accomplishment for me. It’s also helped me rediscover my creativity. The rituals and practices are offered in such a beautiful way that it had me looking for where I could create beauty and nourishment in my own life – I even signed up for dance virtual classes recently (something I’d been deeming low-priority all year)!

I’m so grateful for this work. This structure feels more like the sturdy banks of a slow winding river rather than a building with stairs to climb. There’s nowhere to get to – it’s more like a coming home. Soul of leadership has been a beautiful year long practice of allowing, and I encourage others to give themselves this gift. It’s magical the way the different qualities explored each month just seem to show up in my conversations and the perfect situations are brought to light in alignment with what we’re covering. And Nisha and her team are there to support us with guidance and witnessing whatever shows up. But the program isn’t just supportive, it’s inspiring too. Nisha doesn’t pretend to be a Guru or know all the answers. Instead, she lovingly leads and guides this exploration as she goes through it alongside us with a sense of humility, vulnerability, and accountability. It’s so inspiring to be in her space. These are the traits I think we could all use in our leaders today, and this is the type of leader I aspire to be. I keep telling people in my life they would benefit from signing up for this, and I’m willing to bet – if you’re reading this, you would too.”

Michelle Zaylar | Love Coach

“Nisha embodies a powerful overlap of vulnerable authenticity with deeply empowered living and leading. She is simultaneously the wise elder connected to universal consciousness and the student with a beginners mind, always open to learning, growth, and expansion. In Nisha’s presence and space holding, breakthroughs are inevitable and life transformational. She has helped me have clarity around my gifts, humility about my process, and confidence in my organic leadership skills.”

Cora Poage | Spiritual Guide

Soul of Leadership Membership



3 Month Min. Commitment




1 Year Commitment



Prices in USD. If these prices are beyond-reach for you:

We share 5% of Soul of Leadership profits
between three excellent causes.

By purchasing you are agreeing to these Terms of Service.

Meet the Facilitators

Leadership Coach + Guide

I’m a Devotional Leadership™ coach, the founder of Global Sisterhood Day, and a mother. I’ve been walking with women for 15 years, leading intimate councils, online courses, and 60 retreats.

As a biracial woman with a background in health & executive coaching, intergenerational & energy healing, and community building, I have a unique understanding of the ecology of leadership and the ability to catalyze deep growth for my clients.

I support visionary women doing game-changing work – whether it’s inside your company, through entrepreneurship, or through your art or activism.

I’m here to help you embrace your wholeness & embody your leadership…

Because our world needs our unique leadership, in service of a more beautiful future.

I believe in that future. And even though I might not know you (yet), I believe in you.

Sacred Somatics Facilitator

Elisha co-facilitates the monthly New Moon Ceremonial Gatherings.

Elisha guides leaders to embody their essence, allowing them to trust their power, have greater impact in their communities, and authentically express their truth. Elisha weaves her 20+ year career as a tenured professor of somatics + dance with breathwork, Neurosculpting, energy work, intuitive channeling, and transpersonal psychology for a whole system approach to healing and transformation.

Sangoma Priestess + Artist

Gogo co-facilitates the monthly New Moon Ceremonial Gatherings.  

Gogo is an Ancestral Muse, Sangoma Priestess (afro-indigenous ancestral healer), deep creative collaborator, and the Founding Artist of sacred studio house, Legasea. Gogo has devoted her life to ancient-future remembrance and healing through her own multidimensional artistic and Ancestral practice.


I’ve had a hard time keeping up with courses in the past. What makes this different?

  • First, this course is designed to act as a living meditation, and having you embody your leadership more and more each day – not just learn a bunch of stuff. So while there are teachings, it’s mostly about communing with the quality of the month, and using whatever touch-points we offer that resonate with you to do so. Engage with whatever you want – live calls, live embodiment gathering, breathwork, meditations, coursework – and leave the rest!
  • We offer the option of joining a monthly Soul Council – community-led, identity/interest-specific groups of up to 5 women that gather as soul sisters, to provide witnessing, support, and encouragement. Having a council of women in your corner will help you stay engaged.
  • Our 2 monthly live group coaching calls are an amazing opportunity to ask questions and receive coaching. Not to mention our wonderful Facebook group. There is plenty of space for genuine connection and support.
  • The journey is designed to be spacious, so you can rest, integrate, or work through anything you may have missed if you desire
  • Several of our past participants reported that even when they weren’t caught-up with the content, the work still worked its way through their lives and they still felt the benefits…and it definitely has a choose-your-own-adventure element to it, so you can choose the bits that most excite you!
  • Finally, we are here to support in honoring your own inner rhythm and finding the pace that’s best for you, both within the course and in your life. We’ve had many women share that they took their time with the course and had incredible results!

What is your refund policy?

We have made strong efforts to be as clear and transparent as possible about what you’ll receive in this membership experience. There are no refunds. Please review our Terms + Conditions here.

There are lots of teachers out there, so please make sure you resonate with me and my style of teaching.

When you join us, if you sign up with monthly payments, you are committing to a 3 month paid minimum. If you sign up with an annual payment plan, you are committing to a year.

If you have additional questions before purchasing, please reach us at info@nishamoodley.com. We would be so happy to help!

Is this course only for entrepreneurs?

Absolutely no! I believe that leadership expresses in many forms, from the way we partner & parent, to the way we lead teams and ask for pay-raises, to the way we shape and share our vision for humanity. We have artists, teachers, nonprofit founders, hospice workers, CEO’s, journalists, new entrepreneurs, and seasoned executives in this community. We all have places where we can root into ourselves further, so we can rise higher, and we’re going to do it together.

Will you be teaching us business strategy or how to make more money?

No, this isn’t a business course, although many of our participants run companies. Rather, this is a leadership course, helping each woman in the community grow in her leadership. As I see it, leadership isn’t just about what we do, it’s about who we’re being and how we show up. When we’re standing in our authentic leadership (not power over others, but strength and alignment within ourselves), it informs what we do and how we do it.

That being said, each month there will be a Leadership Lesson, to offer fresh new ways to look at your leadership challenges and opportunities.

If you run a business, it’s safe to say that when you fully embody your leadership, you’ll make more aligned, more empowered, truer choices in your life and your work. I’ll be with you every step of the way to find your inner truth around your big decisions.

Is this a monthly membership program?

Yes, but there is more to know: When you join us, if you sign up with monthly payments, you are committing to a 3 month minimum, with payments recurring monthly until you cancel. If you sign up with an annual payment plan, you are committing to a year, with payments recurring annually until you cancel. This is our chance to go deep as a community, and stay the course together, with the flexibility to leave once you’ve committed to the term of your choosing.

When are the live calls and what if I can't attend live?

In order to accommodate as many people around the world as possible, we alternate the time of our group coaching calls (9am & 4pm Pacific time on Wednesdays). I take about 10 questions per call. The Embodied Soul Sessions are held one Friday per month at 9am PT. We post a recording of each call to our member site within 24 hours, so you will always be up-to-date. Plus, the Soul of Leadership Facebook group is open around the clock.

Is it possible to participate in Soul of Leadership if I live in a different country?

Yes! We have participants from all over the world and would love to have you join us. See the question above for more details.

Are queer women welcome?

Absolutely yes! The course is created for women. I’m doing my best to make sure that we resist heteronormativity, and that any trans sisters feel completely welcomed and included.

Our self-organized Soul Council groups are also affinity groups, and in the past we’ve had LGBTQ+ and BIWOC centered groups, among others.

If you ever see ways I could do better, please email me anytime – I’d love to receive your feedback.

I’m not the airy-fairy Goddess type. Will I fit in?

Yes, we are embarking on a spiritual journey in this course (it is called SOUL of Leadership, after all 😉 But, no, this isn’t about us all looking, acting, or talking the same. We all have our truest expressions and that’s what this course is here to unleash. Good news: No flowy dresses and flower crowns required (unless, of course, you want them).

I am nervous about the community aspect. I’ve been burned by other women before and don’t want to feel like I’m in a popularity contest.

The courses I’ve run in the past have been some of the most loving, supportive communities of mature and generous women I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of. We expect everyone to show up with kindness and respect and have explicit agreements to do so, but because the community is so amazing, we’ve not yet had to enforce them.

It feels incredible to have a group of women who are devoted to connecting without belittling, persecuting, or grandstanding, while still bringing an energy of celebration and connection. That being said, “stuff” sometimes comes up for people, and if that happens we will agree to look within and do the soul searching necessary to grow through the experience. We have a set of agreements for engagement, and wonderful moderators in the Facebook group, to help it feel like a truly nourishing and supportive space.

My partner doesn’t understand why I want to do this. What should I tell them?

I totally respect that financial decisions often have to be made with a partner. What I recommend you do if you’re considering joining, regardless of whether you end up signing-up or not, is feel into what difference you feel Soul of Leadership will make in your life. How will it deepen your relationship with yourself? How will it change the way you lead? How will you feel if you’re standing in the power of your full, authentic leadership? Those things will all ultimately contribute to greater fulfillment, and those are the things I’d invite you to share with your partner.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

We’d be honored to support
+ overjoyed to journey with you.

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